May 25, 2017

The optimal adjustment of your instrument in terms of string position, intonation and playability is very important to us. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, everyone deserves an ideally equipped instrument for the most effortless play and fun in making music. The right attitude depends to a...

Meisterwerktatt für Gitarren


May 25, 2017

A good playability of your own instrument is particularly important for the musician. Creativity and joy of playing can best develop when the instrument is well set. In this case, the instrument is pleasantly easy grip and allows in all situations an equally powerful attack without hitting the frets....

Halsbruch vorher

Neck break repair

April 8, 2017

With the professional gluing, a subsequent retouching and further lacquer work also a neck break can be repaired inconspicuously and permanently. » Back to overview |  » Prices

Kopfbruch vorher

Head break repair

April 8, 2017

One of the most common damage to guitars is head fractures. If the guitar falls over, sometimes in the bag or in the suitcase, the neck material often shears off. In most cases, head fractures are durable and inconspicuous to repair. An offset-free gluing, possibly a retouching and the...

Meistergitarre mit klaffendem Deckenriss

Repair ceiling cracks

April 8, 2017

Gaping ceiling cracks caused by drought sometimes require a costly repair. If they are only closed with gap-filling adhesives and secured by crack deposits, the repair can always be seen at first glance. Properly executed, this repair represents a stable variant, especially for simple instruments. For high-quality master guitars...

Current price list

The indicated prices are only guideline values, the actual expenditure is estimated at repair acceptance. Kopfbruch Verleimung, Schadstellen versäubern, Retusche, Lackierarbeiten, Spielfertig machen 80€ Steg aufleimen Leimreste entfernen, Steg aufpassen, Verleimung, Setup 80€ Rissreparatur Riss belegen, verleimen, Lackfehlstellen füllen, Lackierung/Politur 40€ Bünde abrichten Bundabweichungen/ Kerben herausschleifen, Verrunden, Polieren, Setup...