Model Ellipse

Model Stage – a modern, classical concert instrument with a sandwich top that can be easily amplified. Excellent playability: a deeply cut cutaway and a built-in pickup system makes the instrument an ideal companion on the big stage, for ensemble playing and in the studio, especially in the field of crossover and world music.

Many guitarists want an instrument that is not only convincing in terms of acoustics and playing technique, but that can also be reliably amplified and thus can also be used in ensembles and bands. Meeting these requirements requires a new perpective in instrument making.

The dilemma

Purely acoustically designed guitars usually have very light and responsive tops for a good acoustic function. This quickly leads to feedback problems when amplified. Usually this problem is tackled by building instruments with pickups much firmer and more inflexible. Although this reduces the tendency for feedback, the acoustic performance of the instrument suffers enormously. A weighty top leads to poor response and low volume. As a result, the natural resonances shift upwards, the bass frequencies suffer especially, the sound becomes thin, quiet and one-dimensional.

An approach

With my stage model I have taken another path. The top is constructed according to modern lightweight construction principles: the so-called sandwich construction method. This creates a top with low mass and high rigidity. The top is lighter than conventionally built tops and can thus be designed somewhat stiffer without the basic resonances moving upwards. This is reflected in a good coverage of the bass frequencies and a good volume. Advantages of this design is the great balance in all octaves as well as consistent sustain and very comfortable playability. A fully acoustic concert instrument that can easily be amplified without an inclination for feedback. Try it!


Silvio Schneider Custom

Model Ellipse Traditional- Fichte/ Eibe

Key Data

Scale length: 650mm
Back/Sides indian Rosewood, Honduras Rosewood, Maple, Yew, Cherry and many others
Top: Spruce, Cedar wooden doubletop
Pickup Options: Fishman, L.Baggs, B-Band, Misi, Seems Custom and others